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Tuesday, 8/27/2019

Welcome, new students! Time to PAY AND PLAY.

[Update in progress]

Fall semester piano lessons begin Tuesday, 9/3/2019 for the 16-lesson fall semester, which ends 1/15/2020. If you begin mid-semester, see me to arrange your tuition payment details.


My phone: (203) 717-2934
Email me:

Payment Options
• Do not pay on this site.
• If you have a PayPal account, pay me by PayPal as "Friends and family" to:
• Pay by cash in person.
• Pay by personal check or money order in person or by paper mail:
   Make check payable to: GLORIA HUFFMAN
   Pay in person or send check to: Gloria Huffman, P.O. Box 4556, Stamford, CT 06907-0556


For a list of the lesson fees (payable yearly, monthly, or by the semester), click on the "LESSON FEES" page link in the left sidebar.
The DEADLINE is Monday, September 3 for fall semester registration and payment. There is a $5 late fee for registration and a $5 late fee for payment on or after Tuesday, September 4 for the fall. 

You can sign up online at the "Registration" page link and pay by mail or in person, not online.

If you prefer, you can still sign up the old-fashioned way. I have paper materials for you, and you can pay by cash, money order, or personal check. Email me at (or leave a message at 203-717-2934 or send a note to me at Gloria Huffman, P.O. Box 4556, Stamford, CT 06907-0556) to ask for a packet of materials to be sent to you by snail mail (include your street address or post office box). This is the same email address you would use to pay directly into my PayPal account if you also have your own PayPal account.

After you sign up you'll be able to see the 2019-2020 calendar here (or you can refer to the paper calendar I'll be glad to send upon request).

I'm looking forward to a great musical experience with you all.

Gloria Huffman

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